Creating unique interiors that are beautiful and deeply resonant



When designing the new office of Parity Technologies, the target was to create a community space that invites people to meet and mingle. The new 300 sqm office loft was designed to provide an inspiring and collaborative environment that boosts employee creativity and productivity, where you can work and relax.

Since many employees appreciate the lifestyle of digital nomads, this was taken into account as part of the concept. The design focuses on a large communal kitchen with dining tables and a lounge area that evokes a hotel lobby at a sunny vacation resort like in Bali.

To survive the gray, dark months in Berlin, a combination of suspended acoustic panels and lighting was installed above the open kitchen and lounge. The lighting has been programmed to simulate daylight from dawn to dusk, just as you would find it in nature at a sunny vacation resort.

Another important feature of the office design was to create various and unique spaces for individual and group meetings with excellent acoustics. Therefore, acoustic panels were installed throughout the office loft, as well as a range of acoustic boxes in different sizes.

A large soundproof acoustic glass wall was installed to separate a third of the space at the back of the room. This allows employees to use the entire space or to work independently in smaller groups.




Recently I have developed the complete interiors for the Berlin-based gaming studio Sandbox Interactive. With the business expanding, an additional office space was rented in the building, presenting the challenge of structuring the new space to meet the company's evolving needs.

A brand new signature style for their constantly growing company has been created. The primary objective was to seamlessly connect the two floors and establish a unified atmosphere and office identity.

The redesign focused on creating a relaxed and calm environment where all employees can work efficiently and develop their full potential. Using natural materials that age beautifully and creating interiors that feel timeless was a very important part of this project.

There is no doubt that modern office lofts in historic industrial buildings often have to deal with acoustic problems. The rooms are big and noisy. The ceilings are high and the windows very large, the lighting bright and unpleasant. 

The entire area of over 1000 sqm was equipped with acoustic panels in combination with dimmable lighting. This creates a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the office, which not only improves employees' health, but also their productivity.

In addition to the open-plan offices with fixed workstations, flexible spaces have been created to meet the different needs of game designers.

A community lounge and a workshop room with large whiteboards and beamers are designed to be used for discussions about designs and strategies.

In addition, they also provide a professional setting for recording content for their community and serve as a vibrant place for parties and social gatherings.








The assignment was to create a private coworking and event space that is more than just a workspace for a collective of blockchain pioneers. They wanted it to be a place where external coworkers could work in a relaxed environment, where people could come together, creativity flows and connections are made.

After months of renovations, a run-down 100 square meter atelier in a Berlin backyard has been transformed into a premium venue for summits, conferences and parties for redefining the blockchain tech landscape.

The centerpiece of the coworking space is a vibrant feature: the pink kitchen. It was designed in the corporate color and crafted with great attention to detail and functionality.

This multifunctional office space offers a seating staircase, a podium and a large whiteboard.

When lectures are held, the room can be equipped with visitor chairs. In the meantime, the office furniture can be stowed under the large seating stairs.






Babette Fischer Interior design

Babette Fischer is a Berlin based Interior Architect with over two decades of experience in creating spaces and atmospheres that resonate with meaning and elegance, influenced by her studies and living abroad in the Netherlands, Denmark, UK and France.

At the heart of her craft lies a commitment to quality craftsmanship and timeless design. She believes that great design transcends fleeting trends, and instead, should stand the test of time, enriching lives and enhancing experiences for years to come. 

What sets her apart is her focus on creating atmospheres by seamlessly blending form and function, texture and tone. She strives to create spaces that not only look beautiful but also feel deeply resonant and inviting.

From intimate residential spaces to expansive commercial projects, she approaches each project with a commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring that every element contributes to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.


Babette Fischer offers high quality design from concept development to execution, with a special focus on durability.

Each project is carefully planned to ensure lasting interior design solutions that meet the client's individual needs and style preferences. With her passion for design and her eye for aesthetics, she creates spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you are planning a complete renovation or just want to freshen up a room, she can help you to create a beautiful space that you will love to live or work in.